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A fantastic new release for Rational has just been announced! They have just introduced an outstanding new product, “The Rational Self Cooking Centre XS”. This product emulates every single and function that the 5 senses Rational is capable to do just in a smaller environment! Absolutely brilliant! The XS has smaller dimensions, measuring at 55.5cm deep and 65.5cm wide!  Much smaller than the 5 senses but with all the functions and capabilities still available!

Rational stated that after intensive research by their physicists, engineers and chefs they were able to succeed in reducing the combi’s size with no compromises! This opens up a whole new market for Rational! Now having the ability to sell a smaller combi means smaller venues that have limited kitchen space will no longer struggle for room or fabulous dishes! Here at CaterFix we are providing these self cooking centres XS to you! Calling our office or emailing for more info is what we encourage as we believe Rational is the best of the best and so we want to ensure you get  top quality equipment at fair prices!

Thanks to dynamic air mixing, the enormous power of the heating elements and of the fresh steam generator is ideally distributed throughout the cooking cabinet. The temperature rises to 300 degrees C and intelligent climate management allows grilling, crisping or gratinating, even with full loads. The self cooking centre XS has set new industry standards as at low temperature such as when poaching fish, eggs or when preparing delicate desserts such as creme caramel they are all cooked to perfection at top quality and utilising the maximum efficiency of the XS.

The combination of heat and steam in one single appliance offers you new possibilities in the professional preparation of food. The food is cooked very gently, which provides much healthier and nutritious meals. The new self cooking centre XS covers 95% of all the usual cooking appliances. It also naturally has all of the intelligent functions of the self cooking centre 5 senses, offering top quality cooking results.

Here at CaterFix we are the best distributors for Rational and we have now had a head start in offering you the Self cooking centre XS at unbeatable prices! Call us directly or contact us via email!

To discover more follow this link, RATIONAL ONLINE. You also have the option to select the Rational logo on this page which will also direct you to Rational’s website where you can get full information on the self cooking centre XS! Remember we offer fantastic prices! You can also visit our showroom where we have one of these little gems! It is used for a cooking demonstration monthly so for dates and prices or to view just call 01733 561555!