How the Foster’s display chiller can benefit you

The Foster’s commercial display chiller is one of the best on the market to date and is available to you right here from CaterFix. We offer you 12 month interest free on any Fosters products here at Caterfix.The chiller accents features that are guaranteed to check all of the boxes on your list. Not only is it practical and efficient but it is also sleek and trendy. The option of a closed front format is ideal as it can keep your products fresh and safe in regards to hygiene. The Foster Display Chiller provides a stylish solution to the demands of assisted service. This will allow you to show and deliver your customers the best possible view of your food. It is an ergonomically designed easy access display. Fresh is always best, and with the closed front design, your pre-prepared cakes, pastries and delicatessen can stay at their best without compromising your service times. To see more Click Here.

If your establishment prefers an open front chiller as opposed to a closed front then Foster’s have truly thought of everything. Versatility is key within running a business as it allows you to appeal to more than one type of customer. No one person is the same and depending upon the type of food and service you provide you can give your customers the best of the best. Expansion is always a good way to promote your company’s goods so depending upon your work space you can have both, truly giving your customers and your food products the treatment that they deserve.

Product Details

Both open and closed front Foster’s commercial display chillers are equipped with a full width toughened glass curved front, and sliding doors to the rear, giving that sleek trendy look along with a good fitting for your premises, thereby offering more room with greater capacity. The range is packed with the innovation you would expect from Foster, ensuring you’re putting your penny’s in the right place to deliver the utmost best. The commercial display chillers are fitted with bright LED canopy’s and under shelf lighting along with Anti Condensation Technology (ACT) this features across the full range, whilst with full width toughened glass shelving and end panels merchandise is clearly displayed from every angle. The open fronted range is perfect for the storage and display of pre-packaged products such as drinks, sandwiches, sushi and dairy produce. If your business requires a display chiller to keep those pastries and other catering goods at a level and efficient temperature then here at CaterFix we can provide you with the exclusive Foster’s chiller. There is an innovative air curtain which provides full protection your merchandise to avoid warmer air entering the display ensuring your food keeps both its taste and texture.

If you would like more information then you can view tutorials on YouTube or contact us via twitter and Facebook






Excellent Refrigeration is an absolute essential for any kitchen anywhere. Restaurants, cafes, hotels, homes, offices you name it. Refrigerators are real hard workers. They are expected to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it is of most paramount importance that you pick the right one best suited for your needs. There are ten things you need to think about it and consider before making that worthy spend.

1. Where?

Where will the fridge be situated? Have you measured around and found the right fridge to fit your dimensions? Have you checked then double checked your measurements by measuring height, depth and width? Make sure you check cubic feet.  If you want to get your measurements checked why not ask your suppliers to do it their way? Your supplier will know how best to fit it so don’t hesitate to ask them. Here at Caterfix we are more than happy to do so with our expert engineers ready to tackle all problems, any shape size or quantity.

2. Specifics

Pay attention to the specifics on what you need. Do you need something that is stainless steel, do you need something with a prep counter so the food can be stored underneath? There are so many different types of fridges and freezers so finding one that you need to fit your exact needs can be difficult. The best way to work out the specifics to what you need is to ask your chefs. The chefs are going to be the ones working on them so they’re going to know best. Again, another solution is to ask your suppliers. Our engineers know everything there is to know about the specifics to what you’ll need and their expert advice will be invaluable to you.

3. Storage

How much space does your refrigerator/freezer/coldroom need to have? Will you be keeping lots of meat cold? Will you only be using the fridge for some bottles for making drinks? For example…

  • Select a pass-through refrigerator for holding large amounts of food while conserving space.
  • Choose a pizza prep table, sandwich prep table or worktop with a refrigeration unit underneath if your restaurant needs to keep prep food cold.
  • Consider a convenience store type refrigerator in the style of a stand-up beverage holder, a countertop beverage holder or a deli display case.
  • Pick out a specialty refrigeration unit for your particular business. This might be a floral cooler, milk cooler, sushi display case, wine cooler or a vertical air curtain refrigerator.

For all of the different types of refrigeration have a look here on our website: or for help on finding the right refrigeration for you why not give us a call here at Caterfix and we’ll solve your problem quickly, 01733 561555

4. Top or Bottom?

Have you considered whether you will buy a top or bottom mounted unit? Select a bottom-mounted condensing unit if you are looking for a refrigerator that is easy to clean and raised to knee level instead of sitting on the ground. Choose a top-mounted condensing unit if you don’t want to worry about debris collecting in the unit on the floor.

5. Budgets

Make sure you know your clear budget. If you are trying to save it is more likely you would go for a lesser know brand however this can come with consequences as they are often less trusted. By spending that little bit more on that little bit of a bigger yet much more trusted brand may help you more in the long run. The best and most trusted brands for refrigerators are Fosters, Williams and Interlevin. You can find trusted sources on our website here, Another thing that’s worth looking up is warranty and payment methods. Currently Fosters Refrigerators has an offer on all of their products for 12 Months Interest Free.

6. Doors

Keep that door tightly shut! If your door is constantly being opened and closed without being shut properly the cold air from inside the refrigerator is going to escape and the hot air from the kitchen is going to replace it, this is why it is important you consider what system the unit is using. Fan assisted and forced air systems will help with recovery times.

7. Position of Shelving

Consider whether you need your shelves to be fixed or whether you’d prefer them to be removable so you can allow gastronorms to replace them. You may need to consider height adjustable shelving for your convenience, but this depends on what it is you will be storing. Make sure your shelves are compatible with with your gastronorm containers to utilise as much  usable space as possible. This is especially important if food is being cooked in gastronorms and then placed directly into the refrigeration unit.

8. Doors, take two.

Having your doors feature auto return may be the best way forward. This way they close automatically and stop internal fridge temperature rising when the door is left open.

9. Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance: Ensure you clean inside and outside regularly to keep it working at its optimum level. Do you require castors for easy manoeuvrability and cleaning?

10. Energy Consumption

Last but certainly not least is energy consumption. As refrigeration equipment works 24 hours a day 365 days a year it is continuously using energy. You need to consider the most beneficial ways of saving energy to reduce that all important carbon footprint. Consider machines like the EcoPro range from Fosters which is designed to reduce carbon footprint as much as possible. Saving energy also saves you money so it may be worth your time to do some research.

DSCF2362(1)We are delighted to announce that Caterfix have been presented with the Rational DEAL accreditation after having passed the requirements in all five categories.

Rational have devised a unique programme consisting of five separate areas of expertise and knowledge including expert advice in products, cooking events and seminars, Rational showroom, technical support and individual kitchen planning. By passing all five sectors we can now ensure our customers 100% satisfaction when it comes to buying and using Rational combination ovens.

Our DEAL accreditation has been mainly linked to our regular hosting of the Rational Live cooking demonstrations along with the excellent online support we have been providing. In addition to this, we have a new working Rational combination oven in our showroom along with many used combination ovens so that you can compare to see which is best suited for you. Click here to view our used combination ovens.

Pop in to our next Rational cooking demonstration to taste and experience firsthand the versatility of the Rational SelfCooking Center. Click here for more information about our demonstrations.


Here at Caterfix we host regular Rational live cooking events. Upon your visit you can witness firsthand versatility of the Rational Self Cooking Centre. You will have the ability to watch as the Rational head chef prepares a series of techniques to show you exactly how the Rational oven can benefit you. Time and money are always two key factors that equate within a business, the Rational oven can cook and steam any item that you desire in no time. The Rational will provide you with better quality with faster results. You will have high quantities of food cooked or steamed in a reduced amount of time with excellent quality. We encourage you to bring any food that you may cook in your kitchen so you can observe and taste how your products would fare when using the Rational. All of this will be explained and explored in further detail at the events.

Rational is a machine that has 5 senses. It is easy to use, thereby supplying amazing results! One key feature which is appealing is the self cleaning mode. In order to clean the Rational you will only need one tablet and then you can set the type of wash you would like and then walk away. You will not need to come back to the Rational once it has finished its wash cycle as it will automatically turn off. Doing more for you means you have to do less, allowing you to have more time focusing on the rest of your kitchen.

If you’re interested in attending one of the Free Rational Live cooking demonstrations then all you have to do is select the CaterFix icon below to choose what month you would like to attend.