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Here at CaterFix we collaborate with a variety of the top leading branded catering equipment companies all around the world. For years we have partnered with Hobart and Foster’s, however now we are taking things to next level and you will be reaping the rewards! Upon any Hobart or Foster products that you purchase from us you have the option to have a 12 month interest free period! Why spend more when you don’t have to? Use the interest free savings and invest in some real interest such as more upgraded equipment or designs, we like to see that our help will make you go a long way. With no interest for 12 months you will be making savings for your kitchen, giving it the treatment and upgrades it deserves!

For more information about how you can benefit from our 12 month interest free offer just call 01733 561555 and we can then assist you in finding the right product at the right price. Additionally you can visit our contact page and email us as an alternative.

New product unveils as Hobart are now more exclusive than ever. Hobart have recently unleashed three new amazing products that you can purchase right here from CaterFix.  There is a whole new avenue opening up in the catering industry and you could begin turning over a new leaf by turning in your old kitchen equipment and investing in the new Hobart products. These machines are turning heads as the high level of efficiency, quality and not to mention the price tag is ticking all the right boxes.

Here at CaterFix we are happy to shake hands for that good business deal. We even offer you 12 month interest free on any Hobart products that you purchase from us! The relationship between CaterFix and Hobart has grown over the past sixteen years and allowed for the sales of products to flourish. The current new releases of the Minijet, Precipan and Equapan are fine examples of that.

If you’re looking to dig deeper into the Hobart products, why not explore our website or drop into our showroom where you can find all of those new products that your kitchen deserves.  Just select which product you would like to view first from the links below.


Precipan is a machine that can provide you with any cooking style that you need. Its capacity allows you to use it for eight different functions. Simmering, grilling, braising, sautéing, pan frying, steaming, boiling and lastly frying. These eight modes can really change the speed and quality of your style of cooking. Precipan is the answer to the need for significant production and a variety in all types of restaurants. With a 2 x 17dm2 only, Precipan can ensure a service of over 100 covers. Increase your production in a modular unit from the Advancia range.  For additional information click here.

Details and dimensions

Precipan redefine the boundaries with FastPad. There is a greater capacity and it is more flexible, not to mention more innovative, making itself and your kitchen much simpler. From that Precipan offers three temperature zones per well. You can enjoy the opportunity to cook a multitude of products at different temperatures simultaneously. To give you be working with, in the rear zone there is a 100oc temperature holding following a middle zone which has a 160oc for finishing or cooking thick meat and then there is the front zone which is at 190oc for rapid marking and delicate products. Compared to the rest of the market Precipan offers more than 35% more production capacity in 13% less floor space. In addition to this it provides a cooking area that is better than the rest of the market. Precipan has a deposit area designed to take GN 1/1 container. This is ideal for preparation and also during the cooking service.

Helpful facts

Keeping an eye on your cooking is important, to ensure that your food is getting the correct temperatures and time allocated to it to make it the best tasting food. The Precipan can offer amazing assistance, it has a multi-timer which calculates the time remaining for each item you’re cooking, saving you time and worry not to mention providing constant and consistent results from start to finish. Want to take the heat off of your steam? All you have to do is select the degree of cooking and the browning. Your selection will be respected by Precipan, no matter what day it is your cooking will be identical as Precipan knows how to keep it consistent. Lastly freeing up space in your kitchen! Space is grace, having more space in your kitchen allows for higher levels of productivity, giving your food and environment the attention it needs.

In association with Sean Hope of The Olive Branch in Clipsham, Caterfix are proud to present the exclusive Mobile Cooking Centre – a first for the mobile catering industry. “David and his team have created my dream demo kitchen on wheels” says Sean. This fantastic durable design uses energy induction cooking to give precise and responsive energy which produce perfect results every time. It is ideal for cooking demonstrations as well as outdoor catering events. The two induction hobs are extremely precise (heat wise) and are fantastic for lower temperature water bath cooking ‘Sous Vide’.

Available for both sale and hire – please call us for hire pricing.

Caterfix Cooking Equipment

Equapan is part of the Advancia modular range suited for space aesthetics and easy of cleaning. This is a single well unit 40cm wide. You can increase the number of units to suit your needs. Therefore with its 17dm2 and 18litre usable capacity, Equapan is the most productive compact unit on the market! To see more info click here.

There are 8 modes that are adapted to all types of restaurants. Therefore there are 3 functions for 8 cooking modes suitable for all types of cooking areas. Benefit from Equapan’s performance throughout the day. Equapan is just as effective during preparation as it is during service. With the Equapan having 2 covers flush with the worktop, it increases your preparation area even when cooking.

Intelligent Heating Technology does away with the preheating phase. Equapan has become the fastest braising pan of its time. (Of its size) State of the art technology for economies of scale. IHT control limits running costs by adjusting the heat to the load.Equapan

Flexibility and creativity become a daily event. Work faster at lower temperatures whilst still respecting the product. Pass from one type of cooking to another without having to clean the well. Equapan maintains the pressure for your greater comfort! No matter what the load or nature of the product the surface temperature is maintained throughout the cooking cycle. The 6 independent cooking zones guarantee spot on temperature across the surface of the well. Patented “Stratinox” tri-metallic base: Instantly spreads the heat across the entire cooking surface.

Introduction to the Mini Combi Oven

The Mini Combi Oven is also referred to as the Minijet. It can provide both single and 3 phase, suiting all needs for your cooking environment. It is the first compact oven on the market that has everything a large one does. Let’s learn more about why this oven is the one for you and why this is the next best thing for your kitchen! Too see more click here

Efficiency for your cooking environment

Limited in space? Don’t want to fill up your cooking area with a large oven but still want the quality and effectiveness of an oven you are use to? If so then you have found the product for you! Reducing the size of your oven can better other factors. Monetary costs and a more spacious environment! By adapting the size of your oven to suit your daily production requirements, Minijet allows you to increase your work area or to install additional equipment without residing the kitchen.

Minijet will fit in the smallest spaces and you won’t need to change your electricity meter, it can be connected with a 230 volt plug! Single or three phase are the two options available. Minijet responds and improves the service to your customers by allowing for changes in cooking temperature in just a few seconds! It takes less than 2 minutes for the combi to drop from 200 degrees c to 80 degree c. In regards to the steam mode the saturation of the oven cavity is immediate.bonnet-mini-combi-oven

Keep it clean

Minijet’s automatic cleaning system requires no intervention on your part and lets you keep your oven clean throughout the day. Remain in control of what you buy! The automatic washing system developed for Minijet doesn’t impose any specific detergent, offering an intensive wash cycle that will keep your oven as clean as it was on day one. Less than 20cl of chemicals! 17 minutes per wash so you can gain over 2 hours cooking time per day.

The wash phase is known to be water hungry, this is why the Bonnet has developed a high performance system to limit consumption whilst guaranteeing perfect results! Compared to a standard oven, Minijet reduces your cleaning consumption considerably. Water -12% and energy -84%. By automatically adapting the power to suit the load being cooked CoreControl technology limits energy consumption. Once the cooking cavity temperature stabilises, Minijet consumes no more than 30% of its power. Real savings every day!



Foster Refrigerator manufacturers a wide range of walk in coldrooms for the foodservice, bakery and retail industries. The innovative coldroom ranges on offer include standard size packaged coldrooms, custom coldrooms designed to maximise the storage capacity of the site and a wide choice of refrigeration equipment.

They have a large capacity to meet all our customer’s demands, Foster offer delivered only products, or a full turnkey solution which includes, installation, commissioning of equipment, 12 months parts and labour warranty, product training and free project management to ensure your installation goes smoothly

Contact us for a quotation or free site survey.



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A fantastic new release for Rational has just been announced! They have just introduced an outstanding new product, “The Rational Self Cooking Centre XS”. This product emulates every single and function that the 5 senses Rational is capable to do just in a smaller environment! Absolutely brilliant! The XS has smaller dimensions, measuring at 55.5cm deep and 65.5cm wide!  Much smaller than the 5 senses but with all the functions and capabilities still available!

Rational stated that after intensive research by their physicists, engineers and chefs they were able to succeed in reducing the combi’s size with no compromises! This opens up a whole new market for Rational! Now having the ability to sell a smaller combi means smaller venues that have limited kitchen space will no longer struggle for room or fabulous dishes! Here at CaterFix we are providing these self cooking centres XS to you! Calling our office or emailing for more info is what we encourage as we believe Rational is the best of the best and so we want to ensure you get  top quality equipment at fair prices!

Thanks to dynamic air mixing, the enormous power of the heating elements and of the fresh steam generator is ideally distributed throughout the cooking cabinet. The temperature rises to 300 degrees C and intelligent climate management allows grilling, crisping or gratinating, even with full loads. The self cooking centre XS has set new industry standards as at low temperature such as when poaching fish, eggs or when preparing delicate desserts such as creme caramel they are all cooked to perfection at top quality and utilising the maximum efficiency of the XS.

The combination of heat and steam in one single appliance offers you new possibilities in the professional preparation of food. The food is cooked very gently, which provides much healthier and nutritious meals. The new self cooking centre XS covers 95% of all the usual cooking appliances. It also naturally has all of the intelligent functions of the self cooking centre 5 senses, offering top quality cooking results.

Here at CaterFix we are the best distributors for Rational and we have now had a head start in offering you the Self cooking centre XS at unbeatable prices! Call us directly or contact us via email!

To discover more follow this link, RATIONAL ONLINE. You also have the option to select the Rational logo on this page which will also direct you to Rational’s website where you can get full information on the self cooking centre XS! Remember we offer fantastic prices! You can also visit our showroom where we have one of these little gems! It is used for a cooking demonstration monthly so for dates and prices or to view just call 01733 561555!


Whatever dish you are preparing, you always have the right appliance!

With the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® you can boil, sear, braise, fry, deep fry, cook at low temperatures, confit, sous-vide… without supervision, without burning or sticking, and without having to cope with the stress of pots and pans.

Precise cooking                   

Pink duck breast, golden brown rostis, perfectly cooked fried eggs, delicious omelettes or paper-thin pancakes… the classics.

The cooking process is automatically monitored, so that even sensitive products are browned perfectly to your taste, without losing juices or burning.

As a My FRIMA user, you can also create your own images for your VarioCooking Center® and order a free print version of the application manual.

Intelligent cooking that works with you!

VarioCooking Control®, the built-in cooking intelligence, helps you by simplifying your daily work, eliminating time-consuming routine chores such as constant monitoring and temperature adjustments. Braised beef, pasta, deep-fried food, soups or desserts – simply select your desired result for each product at the push of a button, such as browning from light to dark and cooking level from rare to well done.

VarioCooking Control® will tell you when your input is needed to turn a steak or add liquid to the casserole, for example, or when you’re traditionally prepared Béchamel sauce is ready. The cooking process is always matched to the food, whether the product is big or small, however many portions. And the results are always perfect.


With your new VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® you’ll save on electricity costs – every single day. Which is great for you, and great for the environment. The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® is over 95% efficient. Conventional appliances, such as a fryer, are only around 60% efficient.

The VarioCooking Center has much to offer!! Contact us online or call us for prices and also to find out how you can be a proud Frima owner!


Ideal Restaurant coffee Machine

The standard Contempo Coffee Machine model is great for making all types of coffee. The stainless steel finish looks amazing in any restaurant environment and has a modern looking style that is not only practical and robust but also looks stunning in any café, hotel, bar or restaurant.

Best Cappuccino Coffee Machines

The Fracino’s Contempo Machines are available in groups of 1, 2, 3 and 4 for making coffee. It is equipped with a hot water facility and a steam tube for making cappuccinos, frothy coffee and steaming milk. It has high powered elements and very large capacity boilers. Each coffee machine is hand built to the highest quality and every machine is constructed using only the finest copper, brass and stainless steel.


Buy Now

If you’re looking to buy this amazing machine click here.

If you’re looking to buy coffee then we recommend The Little Coffee Box


Coffee for Fracino Machines

The Little Italy Espresso coffee beans are perfect for Fracino machines. Made with premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans our dark roasted Italian coffee has the ideal balance of sweetness that produces an amazing flavour and a perfect aroma. The Little Espresso is ideal for Espresso, Lattes and Cappuccinos .

Coffee Machines Features

  • Copper boiler heated by multiple looped elements.
  • Triple contact pressure switch that is pressure controlled.
  • Automatic water level system
  • Electronic control unit.
  • Solenoid valve.
  • Separately controlled water and steam pressure.
  • Brass safety valves.
  • Standard clearance is 125mm and the high group (latte glass) option is 150mm.
  • Rotating valve handles to release water and steam.
  • Solid brass valves.
  • Stainless shower plate.
  • Solenoid valve and high pressure pump.
  • Thermosyphon circulation ensures the group is kept constantly hot for perfect coffee making.
  • Stainless steel 304 is used for the case, waste and cup tray.
  • Espresso tray and cup shield.
  • Steam tubes are easily cleanable.