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Why +stayclear is right for you

Exclusive to Foster, the +stayclear condenser has been developed to combat costly maintenance associated with traditional condenser blockages, reducing operator down-time and prolonging the lifetime of the equipment, keeping the fridge working more efficiently for longer. A clear condenser = an efficient fridge!

Traditional condensers attract dust and grease, and require regular maintenance by trained engineers owing to the potential damage or gas leaks which can occur when cleaning. Such blockages if left unchecked can result in poor temperature control and ultimately product failure leading to kitchen disruption and health and safety concerns. Click here to see more.

How it works

The condensers job is to remove heat from the fridge. This is highly important due to the fact that fridges don’t like being warm! Traditional condensers are prone to failure, but why is this? There is a lot of surface area for cooling, however when the channels between the fins are too narrow they can become blocked very easy. Overtime they will naturally get blocked with dust and grease and therefore will need to be repeatedly cleaned. Therefore a blocked condenser is not efficient and will be prone to failure. If you imagine it you would start with the initial problem of blockage then reduced airflow with operating temperature and energy consumption that will increase followed by increased stress on the components leading to premature failure whereby immediate action will be required.

Further details on how you can save

Aerofoil tubes are designed to dramatically increase the surface heat exchange. The +stayclear has been able to provide a condenser that allows greater air flow, therefore it won’t become blocked which will then reduce stress on the compressor and then extending the life of the fridge. 70% fewer brazed joints also means that the +stayclear condenser is much more robust. The +stayclear therefore can maintain a high level of performance whether it is day 1 or 1000! Staying cleaner for longer, significantly reducing maintenance costs and customers site disruption. Maintaining a more reliable temperature control, improving food safety.

Lower energy use and prolonged longevity of components leads to reduced carbon footprint, leaving you with a clear performance from Foster. Calculations from Foster have now proven that the most popular fridges and freezers are fitted with +stayclear condensers as a standard, with significant savings in all departments, that includes maintenance.

To gain a better insight on how the +StayClear condenser works you can access the YouTube Video below and if you’re needing any further information then you can contact us on Twitter or Facebook.



Foster Refrigerator manufacturers a wide range of walk in coldrooms for the foodservice, bakery and retail industries. The innovative coldroom ranges on offer include standard size packaged coldrooms, custom coldrooms designed to maximise the storage capacity of the site and a wide choice of refrigeration equipment.

They have a large capacity to meet all our customer’s demands, Foster offer delivered only products, or a full turnkey solution which includes, installation, commissioning of equipment, 12 months parts and labour warranty, product training and free project management to ensure your installation goes smoothly

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How the Foster’s display chiller can benefit you

The Foster’s commercial display chiller is one of the best on the market to date and is available to you right here from CaterFix. We offer you 12 month interest free on any Fosters products here at Caterfix.The chiller accents features that are guaranteed to check all of the boxes on your list. Not only is it practical and efficient but it is also sleek and trendy. The option of a closed front format is ideal as it can keep your products fresh and safe in regards to hygiene. The Foster Display Chiller provides a stylish solution to the demands of assisted service. This will allow you to show and deliver your customers the best possible view of your food. It is an ergonomically designed easy access display. Fresh is always best, and with the closed front design, your pre-prepared cakes, pastries and delicatessen can stay at their best without compromising your service times. To see more Click Here.

If your establishment prefers an open front chiller as opposed to a closed front then Foster’s have truly thought of everything. Versatility is key within running a business as it allows you to appeal to more than one type of customer. No one person is the same and depending upon the type of food and service you provide you can give your customers the best of the best. Expansion is always a good way to promote your company’s goods so depending upon your work space you can have both, truly giving your customers and your food products the treatment that they deserve.

Product Details

Both open and closed front Foster’s commercial display chillers are equipped with a full width toughened glass curved front, and sliding doors to the rear, giving that sleek trendy look along with a good fitting for your premises, thereby offering more room with greater capacity. The range is packed with the innovation you would expect from Foster, ensuring you’re putting your penny’s in the right place to deliver the utmost best. The commercial display chillers are fitted with bright LED canopy’s and under shelf lighting along with Anti Condensation Technology (ACT) this features across the full range, whilst with full width toughened glass shelving and end panels merchandise is clearly displayed from every angle. The open fronted range is perfect for the storage and display of pre-packaged products such as drinks, sandwiches, sushi and dairy produce. If your business requires a display chiller to keep those pastries and other catering goods at a level and efficient temperature then here at CaterFix we can provide you with the exclusive Foster’s chiller. There is an innovative air curtain which provides full protection your merchandise to avoid warmer air entering the display ensuring your food keeps both its taste and texture.

If you would like more information then you can view tutorials on YouTube or contact us via twitter and Facebook