Fracino Comtempo Coffee Machine


Ideal Restaurant coffee Machine

The standard Contempo Coffee Machine model is great for making all types of coffee. The stainless steel finish looks amazing in any restaurant environment and has a modern looking style that is not only practical and robust but also looks stunning in any café, hotel, bar or restaurant.

Best Cappuccino Coffee Machines

The Fracino’s Contempo Machines are available in groups of 1, 2, 3 and 4 for making coffee. It is equipped with a hot water facility and a steam tube for making cappuccinos, frothy coffee and steaming milk. It has high powered elements and very large capacity boilers. Each coffee machine is hand built to the highest quality and every machine is constructed using only the finest copper, brass and stainless steel.


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Coffee for Fracino Machines

The Little Italy Espresso coffee beans are perfect for Fracino machines. Made with premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans our dark roasted Italian coffee has the ideal balance of sweetness that produces an amazing flavour and a perfect aroma. The Little Espresso is ideal for Espresso, Lattes and Cappuccinos .

Coffee Machines Features

  • Copper boiler heated by multiple looped elements.
  • Triple contact pressure switch that is pressure controlled.
  • Automatic water level system
  • Electronic control unit.
  • Solenoid valve.
  • Separately controlled water and steam pressure.
  • Brass safety valves.
  • Standard clearance is 125mm and the high group (latte glass) option is 150mm.
  • Rotating valve handles to release water and steam.
  • Solid brass valves.
  • Stainless shower plate.
  • Solenoid valve and high pressure pump.
  • Thermosyphon circulation ensures the group is kept constantly hot for perfect coffee making.
  • Stainless steel 304 is used for the case, waste and cup tray.
  • Espresso tray and cup shield.
  • Steam tubes are easily cleanable.

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