Frima VarioCooking Center

Whatever dish you are preparing, you always have the right appliance!

With the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® you can boil, sear, braise, fry, deep fry, cook at low temperatures, confit, sous-vide… without supervision, without burning or sticking, and without having to cope with the stress of pots and pans.

Precise cooking                   

Pink duck breast, golden brown rostis, perfectly cooked fried eggs, delicious omelettes or paper-thin pancakes… the classics.

The cooking process is automatically monitored, so that even sensitive products are browned perfectly to your taste, without losing juices or burning.

As a My FRIMA user, you can also create your own images for your VarioCooking Center® and order a free print version of the application manual.

Intelligent cooking that works with you!

VarioCooking Control®, the built-in cooking intelligence, helps you by simplifying your daily work, eliminating time-consuming routine chores such as constant monitoring and temperature adjustments. Braised beef, pasta, deep-fried food, soups or desserts – simply select your desired result for each product at the push of a button, such as browning from light to dark and cooking level from rare to well done.

VarioCooking Control® will tell you when your input is needed to turn a steak or add liquid to the casserole, for example, or when you’re traditionally prepared Béchamel sauce is ready. The cooking process is always matched to the food, whether the product is big or small, however many portions. And the results are always perfect.


With your new VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® you’ll save on electricity costs – every single day. Which is great for you, and great for the environment. The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® is over 95% efficient. Conventional appliances, such as a fryer, are only around 60% efficient.

The VarioCooking Center has much to offer!! Contact us online or call us for prices and also to find out how you can be a proud Frima owner!

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