Pizza Max Conveyor Oven

Why is Pizza Max the one for you?

A Pizza Max to suit your Pizza Pocket! It delivers a high production rate, increasing the amount of pizza’s you can cook in the hour! Approximately four to five minutes and your pizza will be fresh and ready to serve. With the dimensions that the Pizza Max offers you can cook up to two large pizza’s at once, giving your customers the service they deserve. If you’re requiring medium pizza’s then you can insert three pizza’s. Cooked to perfection in no more than five minutes, the Pizza Max guarantees promising results. If you have a busy establishment then not to worry because you can serve those dishy pizza’s in no time!

Cost effective?

Cost effective is exactly what the Pizza Max is. Purchasing an item can be expensive, you want to ensure that you’re buying a product that is worth your time and money that will last and give you an amazing production along with outstanding quality. Purchase a product that will benefit your bank while buying and for the duration of your ownership. Going against all of those factors by cutting cost may leave you with undesirable results. However here at CaterFix we realise that you need to find the middle ground between a fair price and deliverable results that provide high satisfaction. We believe that the Pizza Max is the next best seller in the Pizza Conveyor Oven market. We are offering unbeatable prices for everything that you need in your kitchen. Click Here to see how much you could be paying for a brand new and amazing product.

Additional Pizza Max Must Know Information

The Pizza Max has a fully stainless steel conveyor belt with a two-speed fan which churns out pizza’s faster than you can make them! A feature that many have commented on in our showroom upon visiting is the fact that it is risk-free with a digital heat control panel. Once the pizza’s have been positioned on the conveyor belt it is then up to the pizza oven to get the job done! It does so by pulling the pizza through a set temperature at a set speed, this is dependent on what mode you find applicable for the pizza’s you’re cooking. There are no limitations in the Pizza Max, any style and thickness will coincide and deliver excellent results.

Regarding space, many people who have seen the Pizza Max ask about how much space they would be looking at taking up in their kitchen. Looking at the oven is one thing but measuring up to ensure you have the room is important! We state that you will need a good amount of space, approximately 150 cubic feet for the conveyor pizza oven to fit. We do offer site surveys before any installation, if you’re needing this facility along with quotes and then the final fitting we can organise this so that your kitchen can receive the full benefits of the Pizza Max.

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