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These are our terms and conditions. Please read them with care.

Terms and Conditions

1 General
“The Company” refers to the Supplier and shall include any principal, agent, successor or assignee of the same and “the customer” means the person, firm or company to whom a quotation is addressed or whose order is accepted by the company and “the goods” means the goods the subject of such quotation of order. All prices quoted by the Company are based upon these Conditions of Sale and reflect the limitations upon the Company’s liability which they contain. Should any customer wish to contract with the Company otherwise than on the terms of such Conditions of Sale special arrangements can be made and a revised price quoted by the company. In the absence of any such special arrangement, ( which shall not bind the company unless made in writing and signed on the company’s behalf by a person duly authorised for that purpose) all quotations given and all contracts made by the Company and any additions or amendments thereto shall be subject to these Conditions of Sale which supersede and shall be taken to override any terms or conditions proposed or stipulated by the customer. No agent or salesmen of the Company has authority to give any guarantee or warranty on behalf of the Company or to transact business other than on the (unamended) terms of these Conditions of Sale.

2 Limits of Contract
No binding contract is created until an order is accepted by the Company and all prior correspondence or oral communications are to be regarded as superseded and not forming part of the contract. Prices quoted are subject to revision for errors and omissions at any time.

3 Agents
The term “agent” as applied to those persons, firms or companies either in the United Kingdom or elsewhere with whom the Company has made arrangements for the sale of its goods in a nominal one and indicates only that they are local representatives appointed for the convenience of Customers and through whom enquiries or orders may be received and dealt with by the company. They are not authorised by the Company to incur any liability, give any guarantee or warranty, make representations or transact any business whatsoever on behalf of the company other than the offering for sale of the Company’s goods upon the terms of these conditions.

4 Title
The implied undertakings as to title etc. Set out in section 12 of the Sale of Goods act 1979 shall be express terms of the contract between the Company and the Customer.

5 Price
a) Unless a quotation or tender has been submitted, the price of the goods shall be the price ruling at the date of despatch notwithstanding any price specified in any order or order acceptance.
b) If a quotation or tender has been submitted by the Company it will accept orders which are received within the time limit specified therein at the price stated in the quotation or tender.
c) The price of the goods shall be subject to the addition of Value Added and other taxes and the cost of any special packing required by the customer.
d) Any increase of costs or expenses arising from any act or omission or any special requirements of the customer or any modifications made at the customers request may, at the Companys option, be charged to the customer.

6 Variations to Specifications
The company reserves the right to constantly review its products and to alter and improve the specifications or dimensions of the components or materials used and to substitute other components or materials of a similar strength, specification, dimension or quality, either when the components or materials specified are not readily available or the Company considers that the substituted components or materials are a reasonable alternative or improvement to the components or materials specified.

7 Shipping and Handling
a) New equipment: Wherever possible, ‘new’ appliances will be delivered direct from the equipment supplier, all items must be checked and signed for on delivery by a responsible person. Very occasionally an item may be damaged during transit, it is essential to check for damages prior to signing the delivery note. Please note any damages must be reported within 24 hours of the delivery by telephone, and followed up in writing by email within 48 hours stating the damage/defects of the item received from the carrier, we will not accept any claims made after this time. (This does not affect your statutory rights.) Standard UK delivery excludes Northern Ireland, Highlands, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight. Customers are responsible for ensuring that products ordered will fit through doorways and into their premises. Caterfix Ltd cannot accept responsibility if it will not fit. Any carriage charges caused by an aborted delivery are the customers responsibility. Delivery does not include unpacking or positioning or assembling items.
b) Used equipment. Delivery of equipment will be made to the ground floor entrance to the building. It does not include the negotiation of lifts or stairs. Customers are responsible for ensuring equipment purchased will fit through doorways and into their premises. We cannot accept responsibility if it will not fit. Any carriage charges caused by an aborted delivery are the customers’ responsibility. Delivery does not include unpacking, positioning or assembly of an item. Delivery charge is to mainland UK only (excluding some Scottish postcodes). Should you wish to purchase an item and live outside Mainland UK or Scotland, please enquire with regard to delivery charge. Please be sure to check goods for any damage before signing for them. We will not accept damaged goods once the delivery note has been signed for. Items are shipped daily. Most UK orders arrive within 1-10 working days of the order being placed. We use various courier companies which are dependant on size and weight of the item. Please ensure there is adequate access for larger items as we cannot be held responsible if items are too large for access. Please note that our couriers cannot take large or heavy items into your premises, they will take them as close as possible to your door.

8 Loss or damage in transit
a) The Company shall not in any event be liable for any loss or damage to the goods whilst in transit unless written notice thereof is given to the Company by the customer 1) in the case of loss from or damage to goods delivered to the customer within 3 days of the date of delivery and in addition the customer must indicate in writing on the Companys copy of the delivery note, the nature of the loss or damage complained of or 2) in writing on the Company’s copy of the delivery note the nature of the loss or damage complained of or c) in the case of goods not delivered within 7 days of the date upon which the Customer is notified that the goods have been consigned for delivery. Provided that if the customer proves (i) that is was not reasonably possible for him to give such notice to the Company within the appropriate period and (ii) that notice was given within a reasonable time the company shall not be entitled to rely on the time limits stipulated by this condition.
b) The company shall not in any event be liable for any loss or damage to the goods where the goods are transported by an outside freight carrier unless the Customer has complied in all respects with the freight carriers conditions of carriage for notifying claims for loss or damage in transit.
c) Any liability which the company may incur for loss of or damage to the goods whilst in transit shall in no case exceed the invoice value of the goods and in no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any indirect or consequential loss however caused.

9 Passing of property (Retention of Title.)
1) The goods shall remain the sole and absolute property of the Company until such time as the customer shall have paid to the Company, the agreed price together with the full price of any other goods the subject of any other contract within the company.
2) The customer acknowledges that the customer is in possession of goods solely as bailee for the company until such time as the full price thereof is paid to the company together with the full price of any other goods the subject of any other contract with the company.
3) Until such time as the Customer becomes owner of the goods, the Customer will store them on his premises separately from the customers own goods or those of any other person and in a manner which makes them readily identifiable as the goods of the company.
4) The customers right to possession of the goods shall cease if he, not being a company, commits an available act of bankruptcy or if he, being a company does anything or fails to do anything which would entitle a Receiver to take possession of any assets, or which would enable any person to present a petition for winding up. The company may for the purpose or recovery of its goods enter upon any premises where they are stored or where they are reasonably thought o be stored ad may repossess the same.
5) Subject to the terms hereof the Customer is licensed by the company to agree to sell the Company’s goods, subject to the express condition that such an agreement to sell shall take place as agents and bailees for the Company whether the Customer sells on his own account or not and that the entire proceeds thereof are held in trust for the Company and are not mingled with other monies and shall at all times be identifiable as the Companies monies.
6) If the customer has not received the proceeds of any such sale, he will upon being called upon so to do by the Company, within 7 days thereof assign to the Company all rights against the person or persons to whom the Customer has supplied the goods.

10 Suspension or cancellation of deliveries
1) If the customer shall fail to pay to the company on the due date any sum payable hereunder, or shall have a receiving order in bankruptcy made against him, or make any arrangement with his creditors, or being a body corporate shall have a receiver appointed or if any order shall be made or any resolution passed for winding-up the same, the Company may, without prejudice to its other rights, demand immediate payment by the customer of all unpaid accounts and suspend further deliveries and cancel this ad any other contract between the Company and the Customer without any liability attaching to the Company in respect of such suspension or cancellation and debit the customer with any loss sustained thereby.
2) If the customer cancels his order the company shall be entitled to recover any loss sustained thereby from him. Including equipment returned to the company by the customer which is not used by the customer changing his requirements and specification. Where equipment is returned by the customer either: The full payment of the equipment where the manufacturer will not accept the return of goods, will be due to the company or; A manufacturing re-stocking charge will be payable which the charge of the manufacturers charge applicable. A minimum 25% pre-stocking charge would apply.

11 Exclusion of Liability
1) The Company’s guarantee is provided by the Company and accepted by the Customer in substitution for all express or implied representations, conditions and warranties statutory or otherwise as to a) the state, quality, fitness for purpose or performance of the goods and b) the standard of the company’s workmanship and the state, quality, fitness or performance of any materials used in connection therewith all such representations, conditions and warranties are hereby expressly excluded.
2) Except for any liability which it may incur for death or personal injury resulting from negligence the Company shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever whether in contract in tort, in misrepresentation or otherwise for any consequential or other loss, damage or injury however caused which may arise out of or in connection with the supply of goods to or the execution of any work for the customer (including goods supplied and work executed under the said guarantee.)

12 Lien
The Company shall have a general Lien in respect of all sums due from the Customer upon all goods to be supplied to such customer or upon which work has been done on the customers behalf and upon 14 days written notice to the Customer, may sell such goods and apply the proceeds towards to satisfaction of the sums due to the company.

13 Force Majeure
If the performance by the contract by the company shall be delayed by any circumstances or conditions beyond the control of the Company, the Company shall have the right at its option a) to suspend further performance of the contract until such time as the cause of the delay shall no longer be present b) to be discharged from further performance of and liability under the contract and if the Company exercises such right, the Customer shall thereupon the contract price less a reasonable allowance for what has not been performed by the Company.

14 Severance
If any condition herein shall be deemed void for any reason whatsoever, but would be valid if part of the wording thereof were to be deleted any such condition shall apply with such modifications as may be necessary to make it valid and effective.

15 Deals as Consumer
Nothing in these Conditions shall effect the statutory rights of a customer who in relation to the company ‘deals as consumer’ as defined in section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 or any amendment or modification thereof. Items sold via an ‘auction site’ e.g. Ebay, will be subject to the terms and conditions advised on the auction site.

16 Legal Construction
This contract shall be construed in accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

17 Contents/Food insurance
This is the responsibility of the user and is not covered by Caterfix Ltd.

18 Guarantee/Warranty
New equipment: The Company undertakes to repair or replace any equipment sold as ‘new,’ at the option of the Company, any goods which are shown to be defective in materials or workmanship within twelve months of delivery.
1)Provided that the Company should be under no liability under the said guarantee if a) the customer has not paid in full for the goods or b) The customer has executed or attempted to execute repairs or alterations to the goods which are not authorised by the Company or has failed in any other respect to adhere strictly to the terms hereof or the Company has not been notified of any defect within one month of the defect becoming apparent.
2)Equipment must be regularly maintained to manufacturers recommendations to qualify for warranty. Any faults found to be caused through misuse or abuse of equipment, or lack of necessary maintenance will be charged at the normal rate. This warranty applies unless otherwise special circumstances are stated.
3) The standard or any extended warranty is not transferable.
4)The warranty will be covered by the equipment manufacturers engineers. Any repair work carried out by non approved engineers or staff not authorised by Caterfix or the equipment manufacturer will void the appliances warranty. Used equipment: If the item is sold as ‘used’ we offer 1 month parts and labour warranty,  however any item can be returned within 7 days for a full purchase refund if you are dissatisfied with the item, but we must be notified within 24 hours of receiving the goods (e-mail or telephone). Refunds will be made (excluding carriage) as long as the product is returned in its original condition and has not been used in any way. Reconditioned appliances will have a 1 month parts and labour warranty and possibly more, subject to agreement at the time the item is paid for.
5) Warranty period starts on day of delivery not installation
6) All exported products are sold without warranty and cannot be returned or compensated. All liabilities are with the client once sold.

7) The following additional warranty options will be applicable as of September 1st 2019.

Standard warranty option:                                            1 month parts and labour warranty

1 month parts and labour warranty                        £125+vat additional cost at point of order of product

12 months parts and labour warranty                     £250+vat additional cost at point of order of the product

19 Payment

The company shall in such circumstances be entitled as its option and without prejudice to all its other rights either to hold further deliveries and suspend work/warranty work under the contract or under any other contacts between the company and the customer until payment has been made or the breech has been rectified or to determine the Contract and other such Contracts with the customer forthwith by notice in writing and to recover the full price of all equipment already delivered and/or work done by the company under the contract or under such other contracts and any sums due or payable from the Customer on account thereof which shall in such circumstances immediately become due and payable by the customer together with where applicable a sum equal to the company’s loss or profit arising out of the exercise by the Company of its right to determination. Payment for goods must be received in full before any goods can be shipped to the customer/or collected from our premises.